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Complimentary Security Assessment

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Secure your Data from Ransomware and other Security Threats

Ransomware is an old threat that has come roaring back with a new ferocity. This type of malware has quickly become one of the top types of cyber-attacks

Published Case Study

Aruba and ETS partnered to provide reliable, cost-effective and secure Gigabit Wi-Fi for the Cedar Rapids Country Club

HP Trade-in and Save

Receive cash back when you trade in your old printer for a new HP printer

Is Your Business Disaster-Ready?

DATTO’s Data Protection gets put to the test by ETS

Keenly Focused on the Right Solutions for the Clients We Serve

Managed Services, Mobility, Managed Print and Cloud, we implement the solutions you need when you need them

Connecting People with Technology

Get the support your industry’s IT infrastructure needs.  We are large enough to partner with the big brands but small enough to pay attention to service; we put people over process ensuring customer satisfaction every time

Complimentary Security Assessment

How secure is your environment?  Sign up for our free security assessment to find out

Private Country Club

We were able to work together to identify process and workflow gaps and inconsistency in systems which affected their quality of service delivery. Once identified, each area noted for improvement was documented and solutions were implemented to best enhance productivity and streamline operations with a goal to increase quality of service to their member base.

As a result of the collaborative effort between ETS and this customer, networ...

57 Years in the Industry

At ETS, Erb’s Technology Solutions, we are focused every day on delivering the best customer experience possible.  We love to work hard and play hard and we’ve been delivering quality Computer Technology Solutions since 1961 in the state of Iowa.

The ETS team works with small, medium and large enterprises every day to provide technology solutions designed to assist and streamline their day-to-day operations.  Our areas of expertise include Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, State and Local Government, K-12 and Higher Education.  We credit our company longevity with being able to evolve the business as necessary over the years in response to changes in technology, and most importantly the needs of our clients.  Evolution is part of our culture and we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things to provide our customers with the best possible experience in technology and support.

Founded in 1961 as Erb’s Business Machines and originally owned and operated in downtown Cedar Rapids, we started out selling business equipment like calculators and typewriters.  Since then, we have evolved the company to include an extensive line of tech...


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