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4 Happy Reasons to Care About Managed Print Services

February 16, 2018

4 Happy Reasons to Care About Managed Print Services

February 16, 2018

Happy employees are productive employees. I bet you didn’t know that managed print services can make your office a happier place?

For companies who don’t want the headache of managing their printers and copiers, managed print services (MPS) will ensure you get the right mix of office equipment to meet your business needs. Your MPS partner will then manage your print fleet, using statistics to provide periodic suggestions to improve your document flow, proactively maintaining your copiers, and supplying toner. You just buy staples and paper. When copiers break down often – or employees don’t have the right equipment they need to do their jobs – that can create unhappy workers.

Here are just four areas of your business that will absolutely love having an MPS.

IT Staff 

Estimates are that 30% of IT help desk calls are some variant of “the printer isn’t working”.  IT professionals are responsible for copiers and printers in most offices, but often lack the expertise to actually troubleshoot them.

Enter managed print services.

No longer do IT pros need to divert their attention from supporting the IT infrastructure your business relies on to attempt to fix the copier. Contact your MPS partner and they’ll perform the necessary repair – and any proactive maintenance needed. Even better, newer models of copiers allow remote troubleshooting for an even faster return to productivity. Less interaction with users generally equals happy IT folks. 


Chief Security Officer

Whoever is in charge of your security needs to understand the network-connected copiers and printers can be a huge hole in a business’ security plan.  Your MPS partner will work with the staff in charge of security to ensure your office technology is incorporated into your security strategy.


CFO, President, and /or Owner

MSP allows you to track and control document output – identifying areas of heavy print/copy usage and processes that could be automated (which trims costs and makes business processes move faster).

Tracking also helps save money by allowing print rules to be created and implemented to enforce print policy. One monthly payment for both equipment and maintenance streamlines budgeting.

Ongoing recommendations from your partner allows you to keep your print fleet right-sized as well.


Everyone Who Uses a Copier 

The right equipment that works – and can be repaired quickly when it hiccups and goes down.

Happiness is having the right equipment to get the job done.


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