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Private Country Club

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Private Country Club

  • Managed Print,
  • Managed Service,
  • Networking
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This Midwest private country club has beautiful buildings with magnificent architecture and a solid, classic feel. But, the aesthetic beauty masked the reality of unforgiving building materials and made it difficult to add modern wiring infrastructure and limited wireless efficacy.

The result was limited ability to upgrade wired infrastructure and weak wireless signals in many areas preventing staff from staying connected to their network and their systems. The guest network was sporadic at best and limited guests from accessing the network to only a few locations throughout the beautiful grounds. With aging technology, point of sales systems were slow and with unreliable connectivity transactions were limited causing unacceptable wait times for member purchases.


After spending significant time with members of each functional unit within the club, ETS was able to architect and implement the appropriate networking infrastructure, a robust and modern wireless infrastructure and a modern point of sale solution within budget and timeline.

Goals/Critical Factors

  • Eliminate network system down time
  • Significantly increased network speed and response times
  • Provide timely customer transactions
  • Offer their members robust and reliable wireless access



ETS has developed and perfected a robust and comprehensive process for evaluating customer workflows, systems, processes, and work groups and has a long history of providing solutions that streamline operations, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.


We were able to work together to identify process and workflow gaps and inconsistency in systems which affected their quality of service delivery. Once identified, each area noted for improvement was documented and solutions were implemented to best enhance productivity and streamline operations with a goal to increase quality of service to their member base.

As a result of the collaborative effort between ETS and this customer, network performance and speed quadrupled, wireless access allowed for greater mobility and gave the club the ability to serve members where they were, and increase the speed of point of sale transactions by 100%.

"I would highly recommend this team for networking, infrastructure redo, etc. They replaced all of our access points, rewired, and replaced several of our switches.
We had a switch go bad and within a couple of days Nick was out to replace it. Thanks to Erb's Technology, Nick and his partner, our schools are very happy with our new wireless."