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IoT in Healthcare = Better Patient Care

December 19, 2016

IoT in Healthcare = Better Patient Care

December 19, 2016
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Over the last decade or so, retail has seen a revival of smaller stores and specialty shops – a trend driven by customers demanding a more personal experience. Any time you have an opportunity for an enhanced customer interaction, eventually lessons learned in one market carry over to another. Healthcare is no exception.

Just like they do when they’re in a store, customers – or, in this case, patients – are demanding a more personal level of care.  They expect a hospital they visit to have their health history, from doctor’s visits to prescriptions to known allergies to possible predisposed conditions.  They expect treatment in a timely and attentive manner – and they want that treatment to come with no complications or misdiagnosis. The heightened expectations of patients are so great that many hospitals are adding Chief Experience Officers to ensure a stellar patient experience. But, with hundreds of patients passing through their doors daily, how can a hospital help their doctors and nurses improve their bedside manner and deliver a more personal experience while remaining operationally efficient?

Fortunately, Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI) and data analytics make this seemingly difficult diagnosis a prescription for success.  More and more healthcare providers are turning to IoT solutions that leverage EAI to provide smarter healthcare.  A 2014 Forrester Consulting study conducted on behalf of Zebra Technologies showed that IoT solutions are front and center of most IT departments planning, with 90% preparing to implement an IoT solution by 2020.

Most survey respondents also noted they believe an IoT solution will help create a safer work environment, improve operations and help provide a more enhanced patient experience.  Many organizations believe they can gain access to the information they need to improve patient experiences and outcomes by leveraging asset intelligence to support improvements in patient care.

How can healthcare organizations get the most from their IoT initiatives? Per the same Forrester Consulting survey, many firms turn to device manufacturers for their technical expertise and industry knowledge. In fact, 57% of surveyed global organizations identified device manufacturers that make sensors, RFID tags and mobile devices as partners to help them achieve their IoT solution initiatives. It goes on to note the importance of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) in asset intelligence and identification, with nearly 50% citing bar codes as an IoT enabling technology.

When medical device manufacturers need to find the right technology solution partner, they only need look as far as Zebra Technologies.  As David Krebs, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Mobility and AIDC, VDC Research Group, states, 
“The combination of mobile computing, automatic identification and analytics solutions provide organizations with real-time visibility into critical activities and processes. Leveraging these capabilities to deliver more personalized experiences and to provide the necessary visibility to ensure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time is separating leaders from laggards.”

For more than 40 years, Zebra has developed the building blocks of today’s IoT technology with its global leadership in the AIDC market including sensors, barcodes, and RFID.

Technology trends such as IoT and mobility are changing the AIDC market from simple data capture to a more strategic Enterprise Asset Intelligence focus. Zebra is leading this evolution, and our OEM portfolio pivotal to its progress.

Zebra’s comprehensive family of OEM technology lets you offer IoT solutions with features and functionality that enable your healthcare customers to achieve maximum value. From component scan engine technology that easily integrates into your design to private labeled mobile computing solutions with your specifications and brand logo, our OEM portfolio lets you deliver solutions for healthcare your customers can count on, while reducing your costs and time-to-market.

By partnering with Zebra OEM, you, and in turn your customers, benefit from IoT solutions comprised of industry-acclaimed technology built on a common framework for reduced operational expenses and faster go-to-market times all backed by a brand you can trust.

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