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Removing Barriers to Enterprise IT with InDemand Technologies

October 6, 2015

Removing Barriers to Enterprise IT with InDemand Technologies

October 6, 2015
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As a tech enthusiast and visionary who founded Accucode, a successful enterprise mobile computing and wireless networking business, I am incredibly pleased to represent event sponsor, InDemand Technologies at APPFORUM 2015. InDemand holds sway over the service components of Accucode (a Zebra partner since 1998), and our mission is to provide a scalable and repeatable platform for field deployment, managed lifecycle services, and Hardware-as-a-Service offerings.

InDemand’s core competency is in the deployment and management of mobile technologies. At the crux of our value proposition is a monomaniacal focus on removing barriers to market and to the adoption of technology for business customers. APPFORUM is an ideal community to explore the parameters of this next stage in the evolution of the IT industry.

The demands inherent in successfully providing managed services involve a multi-vendor problem-set that no single hardware manufacturer can adequately address for the entire ecosystem. This is because these multi-vendor challenges require a multi-vendor solution. The entire business—and by this I mean managed services around network deployments, including the entire wireless network infrastructure: the WLAN, the ISP connection, and the support for all of that—has grown tremendously in the last 18 months. This block of potential business opportunity has over $1 Billion of recurring revenue in the pipeline right now.

Simply put, the ISP partnership has become a virtual lifeline for every business. In most cases, businesses do not have the available resources to keep a working, supported, managed device out in the field in the hands of their users every day. Traditionally, IT departments simply aren’t prepared to facilitate deployment or support, and it’s the same story for software vendors. This provides an enormous amount of opportunity for a managed service provider such as InDemand, because the customer is facing a 5-10x increase in endpoint computers and devices in the business environment.

Typically, if you’re a born-in-the-cloud software ISV and your user’s data connection is bad, the user blames it on the software. This then turns into a support call for the software provider. This scenario is the number one issue that ISVs are asking us to help them address right now.  The market needs a complete solution to fully manage that network, build redundancy into it, and ensure that the user’s problems are sufficiently addressed and resolved. It’s a very difficult challenge if you haven’t specifically built a business around addressing users’ problems, but that’s exactly how I built InDemand.

For the independent developer trying to become relevant and valuable, it’s important for you to recognize that this is a time of transition for the entire marketplace.  To earn your spot in the community of true next-gen developers, you’ve got to let go of your Microsoft skill sets. There’s a whole generation of developers out there who insist on hanging on to that C# and development tool set instead of taking the time to learn Java, Swift or any of the Apple languages. With today’s businesses rapidly cycling through an array of consumer and industrial-grade devices, developers are faced with the need to be versatile in multiple coding languages.

While businesses are making these hardware transitions, InDemand will be there to support the process as your ISP partner. And thanks for stopping by to meet the InDemand team at the APPFORUM show!

Kevin Price, founder and CEO of Accucode, and Chairman of InDemand Technologies, is the definition of a true entrepreneur. With 20 years of experience, Kevin has built Accucode, and now InDemand Technologies, from the ground up, forming strategic partnerships with top companies, such as Zebra, and pioneering through the emergence and growth of mobile, wireless, barcode, RFID, the multitenant Cloud and the as-a-Service transition.

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